After Care

Baiba is a true professional, highly skilled and very personable. I was blown away by the results – my new brows look absolutely fantastic! I highly recommend her services to anyone looking for a talented PMU artist.

After care is as important as the procedure in getting a great healed result.

After care for Ombre Brows


  • To ensure proper healing of your permanent makeup, diligently follow the aftercare instructions.
  • Picking at the treated area can result in color loss and may require additional retouches.
  • Normal whiteness or blanching around the treated area should subside within a few hours, whereas swelling is a typical part of the healing process that should subside within two days.
  • Although bruising may occur, it should not last longer than a week.
  • Promote proper healing by avoiding saunas, swimming, and heavy exercise until the area has completely healed.
  • Keep the treated area clean and dry for the first six hours after treatment, and do not apply anything over the brow area unless advised.

After care for Lip Blushs

  • Gently remove old balm using wipes after eating, drinking, or brushing your teeth, and apply fresh balm.
  • To optimize healing, avoid salty, spicy, or hot food, and sip drinks through a straw. Ensure that hot drinks are lukewarm to prevent irritation.
  • Prevent potential infections by avoiding kissing, saunas, steam rooms, facials, or lipstick.
  • If you experience swelling, use the provided ice packs to reduce it.
  • Refrain from smoking for at least 72 hours post-treatment to promote optimal healing.
  • Although your lips will be superficially healed in 5 to 6 days, the true healed color will show between day 28-40.

After care for Lash Line Enhancement

  • Promote proper healing by avoiding getting your eyes wet for 7 days following treatment.
  • When taking a shower, keep your face away from the water to prevent any moisture from getting near the treated area.
  • Avoid applying any eye makeup around the treated area for 7 days after treatment.
  • Use a new eye liner or mascara once your eyes have healed to prevent potential infections. If needed, use an ice pack to help reduce any swelling in the treated area.
  • To promote optimal healing, avoid crying, saunas, steam rooms, or facials, and refrain from getting eyelash extensions until 14 days after treatment.
  • Although your eyes will be superficially healed in 7 days, the true healed color will show between day 28-40.

I absolutely adore my new eyebrows – I can’t stop looking at them in the mirror! Baiba was amazing from beginning to end; she made me feel so comfortable and kept me informed throughout the whole process. Her meticulous attention to detail was simply astounding. Baiba ensured that I was completely satisfied with each step before moving forward. The end result is incredible – my eyebrows look so natural and flawless! I cannot recommend Baiba’s services highly enough. Her professionalism and skill are truly outstanding. I’m already looking forward to my next appointment for a top-up! Thank you, Baiba!

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